Gas-Powered vs Electric Vehicles: Vehicle Cost of Ownership

Nissan Rogue and Nissan ARIYA SUVs

Many of our customers at Nissan of Turnersville are interested in buying an EV as their next vehicle but are concerned about affordability. Electric vehicles generally have a higher sales price than gas-powered vehicles, but EVs have a lower cost of ownership overall. What should you be aware of before buying your next Nissan?


While you need to fill up your gas-powered vehicle’s tank at the gas station regularly, electric vehicles must be recharged, increasing your electricity bill. Overall, however, the cost to recharge an EV’s battery is up to 70% less than the cost of gas for comparable mileage. In addition, EV battery technology is still improving, so you can expect the price of charging a battery to become even more affordable.

Maintenance and Repairs

Combustion engines in gas-powered vehicles require numerous maintenance services and repairs on various components over the years. EVs do not have transmissions and don’t need oil changes every few months. With fewer parts to keep up with, EV repairs and maintenance services are more affordable over time.


Buying an EV may be more affordable than you think, thanks to various incentives that may be available. Specific local, state, and federal government incentives change often. Our associates at Nissan of Turnersville are your leading source for accurate information about the current incentives.

At Nissan of Turnersville, we strive to support each shopper with their model selection, and we are happy to answer all of your questions about EVs versus gas-powered vehicles. For more details, visit our Nissan showroom today or contact us online.