Electric Vehicle (EV) Frequently Asked Questions

Nissan Electric Vehicles

You need the full facts about your options before deciding which vehicle to purchase next. Our customers are often interested in EVs and have many of the same questions about our models, which include the Nissan Ariya and Nissan Leaf. What are some of our most frequently asked questions?


What do all of the EV acronyms mean?

EV is the acronym for an all-electric vehicle, so it does not use gasoline. Another name for an EV is a BEV or battery electric vehicle. Because all-electric models produce zero-emissions, they are referred to as ZEVs, or zero emissions vehicles.

You may also come across PHEVs, plug-in hybrid vehicles that use a rechargeable battery and a gas-powered engine. An HEV is a hybrid model with a non-rechargeable battery and a gas engine. ICE stands for internal combustion engine. ICE vehicles do not use electricity.

Do EVs cost more than other vehicles?

While the upfront cost of an all-electric vehicle is usually higher than that of a gas-powered vehicle, EVs are usually more affordable overall. This is because they have lower maintenance costs and do not require trips to the gas station.

Where can I charge my EV?

Many EV owners take advantage of convenient at-home charging. The battery can be fully recharged overnight while you sleep. If you need to charge the battery away from home, a growing number of EV charging stations are available.

Do EVs qualify for financial incentives?

Financial incentives may be available for your EV purchase. Because these incentives change often, consult your Nissan sales representative for current information.

Can you recycle an EV battery?

Typically, an EV battery will last roughly a decade. When its life is nearing an end, we can help you recycle it. Up to 90% of EV battery components can be recycled.

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