How Long Does It Take to Charge a Nissan LEAF?

2022 Nissan LEAF charging


If you’re ready to switch to green technology for your Turnersville drive, you won’t find a better choice than the 2022 Nissan LEAF! This fuel-efficient car is full of style, plenty of high-end amenities, and delivers outstanding performance on Cherry Hill roads. But how long does it take to charge a Nissan LEAF? Here Nissan of Turnersville answers the question, “How long does a Nissan LEAF take to charge?”



How Long to Charge a LEAF: 240-Volt Public or Home Charging

One of the most common charging options around Sicklerville is the 240-volt outlet with a portable charging cable. Over 30,000 Level-2 public chargers are scattered across the U.S, but you can purchase a home charger to achieve a quicker charging time. Take a look at the Nissan LEAF charge time with a 240-volt or home charger below:

  • With a 40 kWh battery: Get fully charged in 8 hours
  • With a 62 kWh battery: Get fully charged in 11.5 hours

How Long to Charge a Leaf: 480-Volt Public DC Quick Charging

Need to charge your LEAF faster for your Woodbury drives? If so, 480-Volt DC Quick Charging is your best option. There are tens of thousands of these charging stations located across the nation for your convenience. Find out how long it takes to charge a Nissan LEAF to 80 percent with a 480-volt charger:

  • With a 40 kWh battery: Only 40 minutes
  • With a 62 kWh battery: Only 60 minutes

How Long to Charge a Leaf: 120-Volt Standard Outlet

Last but not least, a new Nissan LEAF includes a 120V charging cable for Level-1 charging. This is the slowest method but also the most convenient. It takes around 20 hours to charge fully, but you can find a 120V outlet anywhere.

What is the Nissan LEAF Range?

Now that you understand how long a Nissan LEAF takes to charge let’s look at its range. Note that precise figures will depend on your battery type:

  • With a fully charged 40 kWh battery: Up to an EPA estimated 150-mile range
  • With a fully charged 62 kWh battery: Up to an EPA estimated 226-mile range

The Nissan Ariya is coming out in 2023! Check out its range and keep in touch with us to hear when it reaches our showroom.

Test Drive a Nissan LEAF at Nissan of Turnersville

From information about how long to charge a LEAF to choosing a new Nissan model, Nissan of Turnersville is here for you. We also have a Nissan authorized service center ready to help with all of your auto care needs. Remember, we are always at your service, so reach out to us today!


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